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Cenon Astro - Fractal Astrology
Ammerbuch, 2006-06-22
  We are excited to introduce our Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro. This brand new product starts with a whole set of unique tools for Astrology.

The Fractal Edition of Cenon Astro is a highly innovative project of vhf interservice, being tirelessly researched and developed since 1998. The goal is finding new ways and forms of display for Astrology. Among all the advantages of the free version of Cenon Astro, the Fractal Edition now offers its users completely new ideas and possibilities.

The basic idea of Fractal Astrology is to consequently apply hierarchic embedded divisions to Astrology. To achieve this the application generally works with dividers and only secondary uses angular aspects or named aspects.
First time ever, prime factoring is introduced into Astrology and resonance conditions are defined. The approach is exact and at the same time offering unlimited freedom. All accepted Astrological techniques experience their confirmation with this fractal approach.

This first version of the Fractal Edition starts with the following highlights:

The Precession Charts could be called the foundation of Astrology. Precession Charts allow the relation of two or more cycles to each other. Among simple charts of Solars and Lunars, Angular Aspects can be charted. One famous example is the 8 year Sun/Venus cycle, which was known to the Maya, already. In the precession charts all recurring cycles can be found, upon which actually the entire body of Astrology has been built. We even included the Earth revolution, making this an exciting tool. A mouse click into the charts will display the corresponding Astro Chart.

With this version we proudly present our Fractal Stars as a unique feature, which for the first time allow the display of entire hierarchies of aspects. With the help of these stars you can get an overview over the resonant aspects at a given time, being displayed in shades of their power. Last but not least, the Stars look very beautiful in a chart. The natural master for this new form of display is the Snowflake with its harmonic and hierachic bifurcations. The Star can be used within the Astro Chart as well as in the new Interval Charts.

The Interval Charts are able to display changes over time and are especially useful in combination with the resonant stars.

As another novelty, Cenon Astro is able to display Resonant Waves within the Astro Chart. This is done by marking the nodes of the dominant wave length at the rim of the chart. Additionally, the prime factors and wave length of the calculated division are displayed.

With Fractal Astrology, a new chapter of Astrology has been opened, coming up with the idea of bringing back some scientific aspects to Astrology.
The Fractal Edition is now available from vhf interservice.

www.Cenon.info/astro - the home of Cenon Astro

What does the Fractal Edition offer (Version 1.1.0) ?

  • all features of the free version
  • Flow Charts, showing a time flow of Ecliptical Longitude, Declination, or Angular Aspects
  • Precession Charts, the basis of Astrology
  • Fractal Stars, displaying entire hierarchies of resonant waves (unique)
  • Resonant Waves, marking nodal points of the dominant resonance (unique)
  • Interval Charts (unique)
  • Bonus: Stereographic Map of the northern hemisphere

Packages and Prices

Free Version: free download with source code
Fractal Edition: 522,- € (incl. VAT) in the Cenon Shop (introduction price)

Precession Chart of Sun and Venus with their famous 8 year cycle

An Interval Chart with Fractal Stars displaying local resonances.

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